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About SharmaFX

SharmaFX is a global financial education mentorship program. We work with students to help them develop their own trading strategies using a holistic approach of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, market sentiment analysis, and proper risk management. 


Every trader is unique with his or her own challenges and that's what we're here to help with. 

The mentor works closely with each student to:

  • Develop trading strategies

  • Practice proper risk management skills

  • Improve trading psychology

About the Mentor

SharmaFX was founded in July 2020 by VJ Sharma. VJ has over seven years of experience trading in the stock and foreign exchange markets and has been a mentor for various financial education platforms before starting SharmaFX. Additionally, VJ earned a BA in Economics and Finance and an MS in Analytics with a concentration in International Economics and Markets.

VJ is a serial entrepreneur and has experience starting businesses in various industries including real estate, which she still pursues alongside SharmaFX. To further her knowledge and passion for investments, VJ gained expertise in investment deals (i.e. mergers and acquisitions) for private equity, venture capital, and investment funds during her time at a leading investment bank. 

Here's What Our Students Have to Say

Ian Q. 

I like how simply the complex concepts were described and the time taken to address questions,  even with backtesting, current examples, and comparing what I saw to what SharmaFX saw.  We delved into charts fairly soon and I was able to apply what I saw, with success. As someone who was already trading with real money, what we have covered is giving me more confidence to pursue Forex seriously and approach trades with less anxiety and self-doubt. Being part of this mentorship has helped me accomplish my profit goals on a weekly basis and understand the financial markets from a holistic perspective. I'm becoming more confident in the goal of having trading supplement my income, and ultimately surpass my regular employment earnings. It's also helped managed risk and preserve capital by being comfortable with days where the trade entries are not optimal (no-trade day).
Still not convinced? We get it!

These equity-growth percentages may look crazy to many people. In this industry, we are used to seeing a maximum of 5 - 10% equity growth per month.


On average, the students in our program hit that goal in a day!*

The "one-course-fits-all" philosophy doesn't work for us at SharmaFX. Every trader is unique with his or her own challenges and that's what we're here to help with. We work with the students to help them develop trading strategies tailored to their style, risk management, and lifestyle.

Experience it for yourself through our Free Education resources!

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*The results students experience in the program are reflective of the efforts students put into the program. 

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